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We have partnered with LPE to provide you with some helpful tips & hints on how to reduce your electricity bills this season.

In Queensland our winters are typically dry and mild, overnight lows rarely drop below 9c. Queensland houses have generally been built to keep comfortable and cool in summer. So, in winter our houses may not be as energy efficient as we would like. There are small changes we can make to reduce our winter energy bills.

The largest energy use in the average Australian home is heating and cooling at 40%. Here are some simple changes you can make that will help you keep winter electricity costs down without sacrificing comfort.

  • Have shorter showers.
  • Choose the right size heater to suit your room and conditions and keep it in good operating order.
  • Only heat the space you are using. Reduce the area by closing doors to other rooms and parts of the house.
  • Invest in insulation and seal gaps to prevent cold air getting in and hot air getting out.
  • Open curtains and blinds to let the sunshine in during the day and close them when the sun goes down to stop the heat escaping.
  • Position your heater and furniture to deflect and avoid draughts.
  • Do not leave heating and cooling appliances on overnight or when you are out

Implement these tips, be mindful of the ways you use energy and make sure you are on the right electricity plan for your needs.

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