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In the past few weeks, South East QLD has been drenched with onslaughts of rain. This month, Draincare have have provided some insight on what to look out for after a major weather event has occurred.

How did you drainage hold up in the recent weather/ flood events?

As we all know the last month has been a repeat of 2011 with this weather event being more wide spread with a lot more areas of south east Queensland plus New South Wales affected.

After the flood waters recede normally all the mud, water and debris is broomed down the storm water drains and with some mud that may also enter the sewerage systems of a building.

Over time as this mud settles plus any further debris that may be added over time and will cause a blockage and possible localised flooding to occur in the next rain events.

Maybe it’s time to be proactive and arrange for a CCTV camera inspection and clean if possible of your storm water and sewer drainage system to your property to avoid any more costly damages from occurring.

Due to some sewerage content within the flood waters any mud that is left sitting in these drains may pose a health risk for some unit occupants.

A little now may save a lot in the long run and lets be proactive not reactive.

If you notice any issues with the drainage at your property, contact our office or your Body Corporate Manager directly.