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So many pet pics – so little time!

Before we announce the winner of Pet of the Month – we have a few honourable mentions:

Loaf of the Month:

^^ This is Lulu, proudly submitted by parent Julie Moran – maybe we should open a bakery – or make that a BARKery?? Displaying her Cat Loaf.

Most Boopable Snoot:

^^ This is Mini and Turbo, proudly submitted by Jillian Dean

As you can see, it has been a very difficult month – so many gorgeous pets to choose from – but now that the staff have voted, and the votes have been tallied, we can now announce that…. 

The Pet of the Month is…

Max the Cavoodle!:

Max wins a Hartleys Goodie bag, with his own on-the-go doggy poop bag holder and travel pet bowl! – congratulations Max and Joe Hill, thanks for entering! Your prize is in the mail.