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Before we look at this months Adjudicators Order, lets take a step back and go back to basics.

The former Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management with the Queensland Government has entered the private sector, joining the State’s largest strata law firm, Hynes Legal.

Chris Irons will lead the firm’s new mediation practice, bringing a wealth of unique experience gained from five years as the final arbiter on complaints in the booming Queensland strata sector.

The mediation practice will supplement Hynes Legal’s existing ‘black-letter’ strata law practice, led by Frank Higginson, giving the firm’s clients access to a full suite of expertise to resolve complex issues involving body corporate and management rights. 

Mr Irons will help clients seek solutions to strata disputes before they reach the stage of needing to be elevated to the Commissioner’s office for determination. 

“Millions of dollars and countless hours are wasted each year in strata disputes between parties who would far rather not be locked in expensive and time-consuming legal action,” Mr Irons said.

“When you reach the stage in a dispute where neighbours are hiring lawyers, you are taking the most difficult and expensive path to a final resolution. I’ve seen too many cases over the past five years where people have lost sight of trying to find a reasonable solution to their problem. 

“Whether it’s about having a pet in an apartment or someone parking in the visitor bay, people get wrapped up in the fight rather than taking a step back to find an agreed, reasonable outcome.

“I’ve worked with Frank Higginson and the Hynes team at seminars over the years and what I’ve come to understand about Frank is that he and I share a belief that there is room in the strata market for non-legal options to resolve disputes, create harmony and get people better informed and more engaged with strata matters. One of the ways I’m going to do that is through mediation, where we help parties resolve strata disputes quickly and effectively to allow everyone to move on with their lives.”

Mr Irons said he would also offer clients best practice experience in strata, and non-legal advice to provide practical resolutions to problems. 

“Hynes is a specialist body corporate law firm with best-in-industry professionals, but legal outcomes are only one part of the overall body strata recipe,” he said.

Hynes Legal chief executive Airlie Maclachlan said, “Our aim is to help clients navigate the maze of strata living.

“The business of law is changing. Legal disputes are expensive and emotionally draining. Chris brings dispute resolution and mediation skills, supported at Hynes by the best strata legal minds in Queensland.”