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There are several other changes for body corporate committees to be aware of since the legislation changes that have taken effect since March 2021.

In particular, from 1 March 2021:

Membership of new committees may look different. This is because eligibility of any two committee members cannot derive from ownership of the same lot. Except in certain circumstances, an owner cannot be a voting member of a committee at the same time as a family member, co-owner, or a person who holds a power of attorney from the owner unless they own a separate lot.

An owner who submits a motion to be considered by the committee can expect an outcome within specified timeframes. The new provisions set a timeframe of six weeks, which may be extended to 12 weeks if required.

Committees members have up to 21 days to respond to a vote outside a committee meeting, otherwise the motion is deemed not passed if not enough votes are received within this timeframe.

Committees will be able to approve insurance policies for their schemes, in most circumstances, to avoid unnecessary delays and risks.

A committee member who owes a body corporate debt, or who was nominated by an entity that owes a body corporate debt, is a debtor member and ineligible to vote at a committee meeting, or by a vote outside a committee meeting.

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