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Given the excessive amount of rain that has been experienced in South East Queensland in the last few months, it is not suprising that we are receiving many reports of owners experiencing mould within their Units and in some cases in the common areas. Mould can be dangerous so it is important to ensure that this is addressed as early as possible. So, who is responsible to address mould issues?

Mould within the Common Areas will be a Body Corporate responsibility to repair and you should report this to your Body Corporate Manager, Building Manager (if applicable) or Committee if you notice mould growing in the Common Areas.

Mould within the Unit is a lot owner responsibility to clean / remove, however in some instances the Body Corporate may also be responsible for more serious rectification works if the mould has been caused by an issue that is a Body Corporate responsibility (for example; in a Building Format Plan scheme if there is a roof leak that causes the mould, the Body Corporate may be responsible to rectify the mould). In some instances mould removal may be able to be claimed under insurance, however only if it has arisen as the result of an insurable event. Mould that has formed over time and/or due to a lack of maintenance is not generally able to be claimed under insurance.

All owners are encouraged to check any areas that may not necessarily be accessed often, ie; behind free standing cupboards, to ensure that mould is not starting to grow in these spaces. If you do notice mould you should immediately clean this off and investigate the cause of the mould. It may be necessary to have plumber check for any leaking pipes etc within your unit. If you believe that there may be water ingress from a Body Corporate area or if you are unsure, you should report this to your Body Corporate Manager, Building Manager (if applicable) or Committee for further investigation.

More information regarding how to deal with mould within your Unit can be found here.

More information regarding maintenance responsibilities can be found here.

Alternatively you can contact our office to obtain a proposal for Hartley’s Maintenance Supervisory Services here.