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31 Jul Living Small: Utilising Space In Your Kitchen

Living Small: Utilising Space In Your Kitchen

Following on from last month’s “Living Small” article on making the most of your small bathroom, this month we provide suggestions on utilising space in your kitchen. These simple changes to your kitchen will help you take advantage of the space that you have available and even has some ideas that you may not have thought of before.

1. Maximising Bench Space/Efficient use of your Sink

If you have a small bench area to work with, an idea that seems to be becoming more and more popular is over the sink chopping boards and covering the sink when not in use to create more area that can be utilised for other things.

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2. Using wall space/backsplash

Installing shelving / magnetic knife racks, rails and even stainless steel pegboards as a backsplash, or even on a wall, can help free up your bench space by utilising otherwise untapped vertical space.

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3. Making the most of cupboard space

Every kitchen has cupboards. Container cupboards, cupboards that have your pots/pans/ plates/cups and often there is space within these cupboards that could be more effectively used. Adding drawers internally to cupboards or other professionally installed systems can help make the most of your cupboard storage.

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4. Storage you never knew you had…..

Space that can go to waste is small areas beside the fridge, in corners and even on the bottom of your existing cupboards (where the kickboards are). Installing kickboard drawers can add storage that previously would have gone to waste.

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