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31 Jul Staying warm without turning up the heat

Staying warm without turning up the heat

Winter is the time of year when your energy use skyrockets and with the continually rising prices, so do your bills.  Heaters, electric blankets and long, hot showers all guzzle energy but the good news is there’s plenty you can do to keep your costs down that don’t require you to spend a lot.

Here’s some easy and inexpensive ways to cut back on your energy use. The more you can cut back, the more you’ll save!

Energy Providers 

Investigate previous bills and understand what it is you’re paying for. You can then aim to reduce your usage.  It may be worthwhile picking up the phone and giving your current energy provider a call to see whether they are able to offer any additional discounts.

Stop Draughts

Gaps around windows and doors cause up to 25% of the heat loss in your home. As the warm air seeps out and the cold air comes in. Try self adhesive weather stripping stuck on the frame around doors and windows to shut off gaps. Larger gaps at the bottom of doors can be closed with a good old-fashioned door snake as a low-tech way to seal under your door.


You know as they say “hot air rises”. Up to 35% of winter heat is lost up through the ceiling and roof of your home. Installing ceiling insulation is the best way to reduce this loss. It’s like putting a blanket on your house.

Shut the curtains

More than one-third of winter heat can leak out windows. Shutting the curtains or blinds is an easy way to stop heat escaping.  The most effective window dressings are close fitting drapes and curtains. There are fewer gaps than other coverings and it also creates an insulating air layer between the glass and the heat

Shorter Showers

Although there’s not much better than standing under a hot shower on a cold winters morning, hot water uses a lot of energy and accounts for a big part of your energy bill, so having shorter showers can add up to big savings over time.

Only heat the areas you need

Reducing the area you need to heat by closing the doors to rooms you aren’t using, such as laundries and bathrooms, means you’ll use less energy to heat the rest of the house.

Set yourself a goal this winter and see if you can make a real difference by reducing your winter bill.

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