Hartleys utilise the latest technology to save you time and money, and increase productivity


At Hartley’s Lifestyle Strata Services we understand the role technology play in our future. It will allow us to cut transactional costs, increase productivity, and provide more control to our clients.


We are always finding ways to improve the services offered and the means by which we deliver these. As technology and communication changes, so will we, making your Body Corporate experience easier and simpler


VOTE NOW delivers a practical alternative to paper based voting systems. Our solution allows for voters to receive their voting requests via email, then simply log on and submit their selections to ensure their vote is cast.


We know how valuable your privacy and information is to you. That’s why we use multi-layered security ‘Cyberoam’ to ensure your data is protected 24/7. Our system is the latest ‘Enterprise Grade’ Server Technology from IBM, and our backup technologies are deployed with ‘Shadowprotect’ to capture incremental data changes with multiple backup locations. Most importantly our security systems are Australian based with local data sovereignty, meaning your data is in safe hands and protected under Australian law.”

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Hartley’s Lifestyle Strata Services