22 Jan Living Small: The Art of Decluttering

Living Small: The Art of Decluttering  

Decluttering seems to be one of the many New Year resolutions for 2019 and when living in a unit complex saving space and making the most of the space you have can be essential.

A news article that seems to be trending at the moment is about a book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising” by Marie Kondo which has been hugely successful following its release in 2011 but is now gaining more momentum following the release of a new Netflix series called “Tidying Up” – worth a watch!

1. Folding Clothes

Many of us either fold our clothes (if they are not hanging in your cupboard) and place them into drawers or just add them to a pile in our rooms for “easy access” – but the suggestion is to try Marie’s folding system of folding your clothes into a long strip, fold this in half and then into thirds to create a small square that you can sit upright in your drawer. It uses less space and it’s easier to find what you want, without having to rifle through the whole drawer. This can be done with underwear and socks also

Living small
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Living Small
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2. Take an Inventory of what you have

It is amazing to see the amount of clothes that you actually own. One of the first things that Marie asks people to do it put all of their clothes (or other items such as power cords or books) in one spot so that you can actually see what you have. The idea is that once you have all of your items in one place, you can assess what you have and don’t actually need. Another suggestion that I have heard of before is that if you have items in your cupboard or drawers that you have not worn for the last 12 months – assess whether you actually need it and if not, get rid of it.

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Living Small
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3. Declutter in a specific order

Marie’s book suggests going through things such as clothes and books first because it’s easier to make a decision on these items. Then move onto paper and areas which includes the bathroom, kitchen, garage and miscellaneous items. Items that hold sentimental value come last because by the time you get to these, you will have worked out what really “sparks joy”

4. Sparking Joy

The best way to determine whether an item sparks joy is to hold it in your hand and decide whether it does spark joy. Keeping items that make you feel this way after you finish decluttering will leave you with a great feeling because you are left with items that made you feel happy. On her Instagram feed, Marie posts “Living in an apartment? Once you decide what sparks joy for you, you may be surprised how your space breathes new life, becomes enough, transforms into just what you need”

5. Everything has a place

A great tip, whether you are decluttering or just cleaning is to make sure there is a specific place for every item in your home. When something is out of place, you can easily place it back where it belongs and when you need to find something, you know where it will be.

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Living Small
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6. Respect your belongings

It may seem a little far-fetched, but in Marie’s book it is suggested that as you declutter thank each item for their service and also when tackling your cupboard spaces with the clothes in a heap consider whether the clothes are happy being in the pile all creased and untidy or are they happy being crammed in with all of the other items of clothing. It is thought that this way of thinking will make you appreciate what you have.

7. Focus on your own stuff

When you are house sharing with other people – decluttering can be difficult – but it is important that you do not try to remove or organise anyone else belongings and simply focus on what belongs to you. Perhaps seeing you going through a declutter will encourage others to follow suit.

Want to know more?

To read the whole article – Click Here or better yet, go out and buy the book – it will help you to declutter and also organise your belongings and bring back some much-needed space and a sense of Zen in your apartment.

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