30 Apr Living Small: Garage / Carport Storage

Living Small: Garage / Carport Storage

When living in a strata community you will either have a garage, carport or have a parking space allocated to your unit in a basement garage.

This month we look at storage options for these areas to make the most of unused space, to provide you with additional storage and to ensure that your garage/carport or parking space is tidy and is not breaching the by laws.

Before we go into detail with options available for storage an important thing to remember, if you park in an open carport or have a parking space in a basement garage, is that any installation to these areas that can be seen from the Common Property or another Lot MUST have the approval in writing of the Body Corporate – so before you go installing any sheds or storage cages etc make sure you follow the correct procedure and get the official go-ahead from your Body Corporate.

Over Car Bonnet Storage

An option that will work not only in a garage, but in a carport or basement carpark is over car bonnet storage, which can generally be made to fit any space, height, width and design. With parking spaces not providing much additional space, this is a good way around creating more storage space for your personal items.

Image Credit: https://www.theboxthing.com.au/over-bonnet-storage-solution/
Image Credit: https://www.saxonengineering.com.au/over-bonnet-storage-cages/

Storage Sheds / Cages

If you have a parking space that has additional room in front or alongside your vehicle, or even in your garage, having a full-length storage shed or cage is a great way to provide additional storage for items that you just can’t fit into your unit e.g. your bike, unwanted household items etc.

Image Credit: http://www.carparkstorage.net.au/popup/fsl4.html
Image credit: http://jakeda-fencing.com.au/types-of-enclosures.html

Above Car Storage Shelves

Depending on the space you have above your vehicle and provided you don’t have a garage door that needs to utilise this space, another idea for creating additional storage space in your garage or carport is above car shelving. This could be installed directly over your vehicle, or even using space above the garage door. Whilst this idea may not be the most secure for basement carpark parking, it would be better utilised in your individual garage or a secure carport.

Image Credit: http://www.storageoverhead.com/gallery.html
Image credit: http://www.storageoverhead.com/gallery.html

We hope that the above ideas helps to inspire you and give you suggestions on how you can make the most of space that may be available in your garage, carport or even in your parking space in the basement carpark.

However, we again reiterate, before you go ahead and install that amazing over car bonnet storage cabinet or a storage shed in front of your parking space, you contact your Accredited Body Corporate Manager at Hartley’s Lifestyle Strata Services and find out what you need to do to gain approval from the Body Corporate to proceed.

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