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25 Jun Living Small: Fitting a laundry into any space

Living Small: Fitting a laundry into any space

Living in a smaller unit can often mean that space is at a premium and we have to get creative in ways to maximize the space that we have.

One room that is often overlooked or an afterthought is the laundry, with space for a washing machine and/or dryer placed in our bathroom or in a cupboard that is out of the way and takes up as little space as possible.

We look at a few ways that we can try to maximise the area that the laundry is located – or even if the laundry is communal in your building – maximising space can add room for storage of other items or more shared appliances etc.

Combining your Washer / Dryer

Installing a machine that does both your washing and drying all in one takes up less space – so rather than having two side by side machines or one on top of the other, you have one machine and have room for additional shelving or more freed up cupboard space. Another suggestion could also be, if you don’t use a dryer, to use a front loader instead of a top loader as this could be installed under a bench or counter

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Bench Space Saving Ideas

If you have a front loader machine that is installed under your bench/counter already but still finds that you are running short of bench space, there are plenty of ideas that can be utilised or installed to add additional space including retractable or foldable benches/shelves and embracing the sink insert. Using sink inserts while the sink is not needed is a fantastic way of creating more bench space and can simply be moved once you need to utilise the sink.

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Retractable Washing Lines

In some complexes, there are either common washing lines that each occupant has the ability to use or there are no washing lines and there are by laws in place preventing occupants from having portable clothes line on balconies or on the common property. A suggestion to overcome this is to look at having a retractable washing line installed in the laundry / bathroom or to seek approval from your body corporate to have a wall mounted washing line installed on your balcony (provided that you are permitted to do so, that you have the wall space available for the installation and that your balcony does not have street frontage view)

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Fold Down Ironing Board / Storage Cupboards

While we understand that ironing is fast becoming a thing of the past – many households still have an ironing board for those few items that need a quick iron and the ironing board is a bulky item – often hard to find a place for. An item that may come in handy in the laundry or bathroom area is a fold-down ironing board cupboard. This is mounted to a wall and houses not only the ironing board but also has shelf space for bits and pieces that do need to be utilised every day.

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Incorporating a laundry into an existing small unit can be tricky, but we hope that the above suggestions provide some inspiration on how you can have your laundry and space at the same time.

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