27 Aug Get to know your neighbours

Get to know your neighbours

It’s an age-old statement “You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your neighbours” and with the population and density growth within major cities and surrounding suburbs increasing, more and more of us are choosing to live within Body Corporate communities. Separated simply by a wall or floor very few of us actually take the time to meet our neighbours however you see them pretty much every day so it would make sense that you at the very least familiarise and introduce yourself to them.

If you’re not one to simply knock on the neighbours’ door and straight out introduce yourself then perhaps when passing them by in the stairwell, taking out the bins or collecting the mail are opportunities to be able to say a friendly G’day and give a friendly smile and wave. Having a relationship with your neighbours is not only great for personal wellbeing it can also bring an extra sense of security. While not everyone will return the friendliness immediately, it’s a starting point to get to know people and build relationships.

If your neighbour is not immediately receptive to your neighbourly advances, don’t be too put off. Just maintain being friendly and smile, you don’t have to overstep the boundary and try and overdo it.

Get to know your neighbours and enjoy the strata living experience all the more.

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