25 Jun Around your Scheme – What about Tree Maintenance?

Around your Scheme – What about Tree Maintenance?

Queenslanders are fortunate that the winter months are relatively mild in comparison to other states, therefore tackling tree pruning and tree trimming in the cooler months will help prepare for spring and summer.  Despite the Moreton Bay Council having routine tree maintenance programs in place for trees that are located on nature strips etc, it is the responsibility of bodies corporate to maintain tree’s located on common property areas. Tree pruning is an important part of tree health care. Sometimes called tree trimming or even the generic term ‘tree lopping’, it is imperative for the overall health and visual appeal of your trees that regular pruning is undertaken.

Some benefits of regular tree pruning are;

  1. Keeps your trees healthy
  2. By removing dead wood and limbs you will make trees look much healthier and visually pleasing
  3. Correct pruning encourages tree growth
  4. Helps maintain form and structural integrity of the tree
  5. Prevents and helps treat disease.
  6. Removes potential hazards which is very important in storm season
  7. Saves you money in the long run

Before you embark on any tree pruning it’s worthwhile checking if your plans will be affected by any legal restrictions.

There are many rules surrounding tree pruning, depending on the type of tree, tree location and the extent of the work you would like to do. Sometimes you need to lodge a formal application to your local council before you prune a tree, especially if it is situated on council land or area that has a protection order covering it.

Hiring an experienced and qualified Arborist and not an unqualified tree ‘lopper’ to do this valuable tree maintenance will ensure that a safe and quality tree prune to Australian Standards is completed. 

Below is a link to the Moretown Bay Council Routine Street Tree Maintenance program- https://www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/Services/Roads/Trees

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