Hartley’s Lifestyle Strata Services is a modern firm offering our clients an efficient, pro-active and professional Body Corporate Management service.


Our team is available to respond to your questions. We pride ourselves in our ability to turn your query around in a timely manner, with internal response guidelines.


The legislation surrounding Bodies Corporate is comprehensive and complex. Our role as a professional Body Corporate Management firm is to ensure we deliver our administrative services to our clients in a timely and professional manner.

At Hartley’s we have our own internal Quality Assurance Officer who is constantly monitoring, auditing and reviewing our procedures to ensure we deliver our Brand Promises.

Our firm employs stringent policies and procedures to ensure we are able to meet your needs and comply with the legislative requirements surrounding your scheme and ensuring our clients peace of mind around all regulatory and compliance matters. The Body Corporate Managers are experienced in meeting the demands of compliance faced by committees today. These areas of compliance include Audit, Budget and Finance, Forecasting & Planning, Fair Trading, Work Health & Safety, and Regulatory Government Bodies.


At Hartley’s we pride ourselves in our professionalism and ethical standards. Our stringent policies and procedures provide a framework for consistent delivery of these standards by our team. Our team undertake regular professional internal and industry training to ensure we are kept up to date with the latest compliance and legislation.


Our firm and management team are members of Strata Community Association (SCA) – Queensland Division. The Principal of the firm is President of SCA (QLD) and sits on a National Board Advisory Committee.

SCA Accreditation

Strata Community Association (SCA) Strata Manager Accreditation Pathway provides nationally recognised professional qualifications for body corporate managers.


Accreditation provides a way to identify body corporate managers who have submitted themselves to a code of ethics and undertake continuing professional development, so creating security, trust, professionalism and recognition.


This means we:

  • are aware of relevant and current legislation
  • follow the specific requirements of legislation
  • adhere to best practice
  • adopt current procedures
  • commit to clerical excellence and
  • continually enhance their managerial and meeting chairmanship skills.

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